Parenting and the Montessori Way

The parental role is at the heart of a child’s development in Montessori education. Wholesome parenting includes traits of being an advocate, providing a safe and secure environment, being a nurturer as well as a disciplinarian, a provider, a friend, a cheer leader, being spiritually attuned, being a mentor and a role model. Wholesome parenting works hand in hand with the Montessori educational approach such that the school is an extension of the home. The symbiotic relationship between the home and the school must be underscored as one informs the other and together they forge the development of the child.

Little Lea encourages parents to become a collaborative partner in the learning community. Parents participate in school community meetings, school-wide events, birthday celebrations, holiday observances, mom’s and dad’s days celebrations, etc. Such partnership helps parents gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of their child’s progress and their prensence contributes to the socialization dynamics of the community.

The family is a unique world for children. Parents are the primary educators not only in the early formative years, but throughout their lives. It goes without saying that parents live to rear, support and guide their children, and to be a buffer against any ups and downs. They lay the foundation for the child’s environment, social well-being and learning. Hence, the parent/teacher partnership helps the child mature holistically and become fully self-reliant.

Little Lea Montessori School facilities gatherings and events in which parents are involved with their child.  Recently, we organized a Thanksgiving celebration event for parents. Parents were invited to join in the children’s observance of the holiday and participate in the meaning of the event. The children had the opportunity to show case their work and share their daily learning experiences with parents.  The children enjoyed special snacks and performed a brief program for their parents. We feel that such collaboration lays important building blocks for the development of the child. 

Published by Montessori Mom

Hello! My name is Gaye Haralu and am a resident of Harrodsburg, KY. I have lived here for the past 10 years working as a minister and Montessori teacher. I have been a working mother most of my adult life. Twenty years ago when our oldest children were very little and we had moved to another state to begin new jobs I did not know what we were going to do with our two little ones. Then we were introduced to a Daycare Provider who provided care for a number of children out of her home. She became part of the family and has set the bar so high! Our children loved her and loved going to her home. They learned a great deal about kindness and respect for all people from her. They also were read to abundantly every day and played outside constantly – even when it was snowing – especially when it was snowing! We moved away from that area but will forever be indebted to her dedication and care for our children. We have created Little Lea in-home Montessori day care in Harrodsburg to continue in the same vein and be a blessing to families who may need such an environment.

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