The Genius of Montessori in the Childcare Setting

There are three main reasons I love Montessori:  it makes so much sense, it honors the child and it is really fun!  There are designated areas of the Montessori environment that focus on a particular learning area like math, language, science, culture and so on.  I would like to take a quick minute and talkContinue reading “The Genius of Montessori in the Childcare Setting”

MORE ABOUT US: A Unique Learning Experience

At Little Lea we have intentionally created a Montessori learning environment within our home for the express purpose of allowing 3-6 year olds to encounter their amazing world while discovering their own unique and limitless potential.  “Our work is not to teach, but to help the absorbent mind in its work of development. How marvelousContinue reading “MORE ABOUT US: A Unique Learning Experience”

Living Out a Story With a Name

The name ‘Little Lea’ is taken from the childhood home of one our favorite authors, C.S. Lewis.  While listening to his biography we were captured by the way he referred to his childhood home with great fondness.  It was the epitome of all that was calm, mature and secure.  There were times of solitude, placesContinue reading “Living Out a Story With a Name”

Introducing Little Lea

Little Lea in-home Montessori preschool is located in the historic city of Harrodsburg, Kentucky. It is owned and operated by a resident of Harrodsburg, whose family traces its history back four generation to mid-1800s, most of whom have resided in Harrodsburg region.  The owners have had their three children raised in the Montessori preschool environmentContinue reading “Introducing Little Lea”