Our Montessori Experience

Little Lea in-home Montessori preschool is located in the historic city of Harrodsburg, Kentucky. It is owned and operated by a resident of Harrodsburg, whose family traces its history back four generation to mid-1800s, most of whom have resided in Harrodsburg region.  The owners have had their three children raised in the Montessori preschool environment and firmly believe in the efficacy and miracle of the Montessori method for primary children. The children loved being nurtured in the home environment and learned a great deal about kindness and respect for all people.  They loved being read to abundantly every day and enjoyed playing outside constantly – even when it rained and snowed!  They have fully experienced the wonderful benefits of a holistic and solid foundation for learning for a lifetime. The owners now offer a qualitative learning experience for children in Harrodsburg and the region.

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