What is our cost

Full-time Student

A full time attendee comes to Little Lea Monday to Friday for 40 hours between the hours of 8:00 am. to 3:00 pm. The cost is $175 per week.

Part-time Student

A part-time attendee comes to Little Lea for less days and less hours as a full-time attendee, and whose hours of attendance is not less than 20 hours. The cost id $100 per week.

Extended Day Program

The Extended Care program runs from 3:00 pm. to 5:30 pm. The program focuses on homework details, scheduled outdoor classroom, fun and play, physical education and ample opportunity to develop creative and collaboration skills. A light snack is served. The cost is $15 per day or $75 per week.

Method of Payment

  1. Credit Card or Debit Card using SQUARE technology.
  2. Checks.
  3. Cash.

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